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Feminizowane Nasiona Marihuany - CBD Amnesia

This champion could not miss our classic collection of seeds. And this gene, needs no introduction. In the Netherlands, the Amnesia Haze is one of the few varieties that tourists buy more than once in his visits to the coffeeshops. Its effect is sativa, lead, and fresh taste of haze have made ​​her a champion in several events cannabis in the Netherlands. We note that a variety is suitable for experienced smokers only, because as our Dutch friends say if you smoke in the morning, the whole day will run into a comfortable state of induced amnesia comes from a genetic Our strain selected by Dutch breeders, the called clone number 5, the most fame. We offer our customers this variety feminized version, it will generate great feeling.

Genotype - Sativa
Indoor - 8 Weeks
Outdoor - Late October
Production - Very High
Effect - Strong / Durable
Aroma - Incense
Flavour - Amnesia taste

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6szt - 182zł

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