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Nasiona Marihuany Shark - CBD Seeds opis produktu

Feminizowane Nasiona Marihuany - Shark

Shark is a genotype held for over ten years. This lady is the largest producer of resin that can be found in our seed bank, so if you are looking for extraction this is your best choice. It produces compact and heavy buds, completely covered by resin.

The plant is preferred by many people, both novices and experienced growers because their handling is very easy, and always rewards us with a great harvest. It can be considered as a commercial strain, as productive as Critical or Cheese.

This is a very resistant strain to powdery mildew; it has never given us problems with this disease. Once you dry it, it has a strong Aroma, with hints of coffee, earth and liquorice, especially if you grow it organically. Anyway, it has a character that will not leave you indifferent.

Indoor Flowering - 7 weeks
Outdoor Harvest - Mid-September
Production - High
Genotype - Hybrid stabilized
Phenotype - Indica
Effect - Powerful, medicinal, relaxing
Aroma - Intense, various shades such as coffee, cocoa...
Taste - Sweet, liquorice

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Dane techniczne - Shark - CBD Seeds

GENOTYPGłównie Indica
PLONDuży XL (450g-550g/m2 Indoor)
CZAS KWITNIENIA5 - 7 tygodni
MIESIĄC ZBIORU OUTKoniec września / początek października

Shark - CBD Seeds - opinie

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