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Dostępność:duża ilość
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Producent: CBD Seeds
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Feminizowane Nasiona Marihuany - Zen

Certainly, Zen is the best option for those who want to awaken appetite, and this feature is not casual. We wondered what would be the result of crossing two of our favourite gene in that area, and we got the crossing directly from one of the best breeders. The result, after several trials to stabilize the most interesting phenotype, is an explosion of multiple aromas that lets many people confused when first tested. This is because Zen produces many of the sensations once were found in the most famous strains.

It requires a little more care than other strains that can be more suitable for beginners, but is a small effort that is pleasantly rewarded. Get ready to dive into a sea of sensations that includes: tangerine and mint flavours, lavender scents and grapefruits. Are you going to wait until somebody tells you?

Indoor Flowering - 8 weeks
Production - Medium-High
Genotype - (Mexican x Afghani) x Lavender
Phenotype - Sativa-dominant hybrid
Effect - Balanced, positive
Aroma - Grapefruit, herbal
Flavour - Strong, citrus

1szt - 33zł
3szt - 100zł
6szt - 182zł

Dane techniczne

GENOTYPGłównie Sativa
PLONŚredni (350g-450g/m2 Indoor)
CZAS KWITNIENIA7 - 9 tygodni
MIESIĄC ZBIORU OUTKoniec września / początek października

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