Nasiona Marihuany Afrodite Auto - KANNABIA SEED

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Producent: Kannabia Seed
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Nasiona Marihuany Afrodite Auto - KANNABIA SEED opis produktu

Our most advanced genetics applied to rudelaris. For this variety we selected a host rudelaris looking for optimal height and lower branch growth. In all the tests we have done, the production of “crystals” has been massive right from the beginning of flowering.
It grows very vigorously and has proved to be a variety with relatively high psychoactivity.

Afrodite gives a bigger final yield, higher psychoactivity, and more compact buds.
The cross also gives flavour to Jack Herer, reminiscent of incense and bitter lemon. The aroma has shades of liquorice and a slight touch of Haze when you lightly rub the surface of the stem. This cross reaches only medium height, not above 70 cm when grown indoors. The lower part of the plant branches well for extra yield (the yield is 20-25 grams per plant). This variety has sativa as its main component. The buds are long, compact and resinous. The psychoactivity achieved is quite high, and the excitation typical of sativa can be noted. Some phenotypes may reach a height of 85 cm outdoors, producing well-sized, fairly compact buds, with an average weight of 40-65 grams.
From seed, the indoor cycle with a photoperiod of 12/12 or 14/10 is 8-9 weeks for optimal ripen-ing.
Outdoor flowering cycle - 3 months. Planting in early spring recommended.

Rodzaj - Autoflowering (Indoor i Outdoor)
Genotyp - Głównie Indica
Geny - Ruderalis x Afrodite
THC - 11 %
Wysokość - Niskie (do 80cm)
Czas kwitnienia - 7 - 9 tygodni

5 szt. - 110zł

Dane techniczne z filtrowania - Afrodite Auto - KANNABIA SEED

PRZEZNACZENIEAutomat (Indoor/Outdoor)
GENOTYPGłównie Indica
CZAS KWITNIENIA7 - 9 tygodni
WYSOKOŚĆNiskie (do 80cm)

Afrodite Auto - KANNABIA SEED - opinie

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