Nasiona Marihuany B. Lee Auto - KANNABIA SEED

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Producent: Kannabia Seed
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Nasiona Marihuany B. Lee Auto - KANNABIA SEED opis produktu

The Little Dragon has woken up. A real legend among Kannabia varieties, Citrus has such psychoactive and flavour characteristics that we decided to adapt them to our most productive Rudelaris version. As a result, this variety combines speed, strength and versatility in growing. B. Lee produces long, thick buds aromatized with the characteristic Citrus fruity flavour. The plant will be ready 8 weeks after the germination of the seed.
The structure is a bush-type one, with thick and productive lower branches. Flowers are compact, orange and covered in trichomes. It is highly resistant to insect plagues and fungal diseases. The plants easily recover from Oidio fungus attacks. Outdoors, this variety doesn ́t grow too high and tends to develop a bushy shape with a great amount buds, instead of a central one. For this reason, it may occupy a big circumferencial space.
For optimum results, plant in over 7 litre pots. Indoors, you can grow in 18 hour photoperiods without any problem. Outdoors, we suggest planting from March to October.

Rodzaj - Autoflowering (Indoor i Outdoor)
Genotyp - Głównie Indica
Geny - Citrus x Ruderalis
THC - 20 %
Czas kwitnienia - 5 - 7 tygodni
Plon - Duży (do 500g/m2 Indoor)

1szt - 29zł
3szt - 59zł
5szt - 113zł

Dane techniczne z filtrowania - B. Lee Auto - KANNABIA SEED

PRZEZNACZENIEAutomat (Indoor/Outdoor)
GENOTYPGłównie Indica
PLONDuży XL (450g-550g/m2 Indoor)
CZAS KWITNIENIA5 - 7 tygodni

B. Lee Auto - KANNABIA SEED - opinie

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