Nasiona Marihuany Smile - KANNABIA SEED

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Producent: Kannabia Seed
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Nasiona Marihuany Smile - KANNABIA SEED opis produktu

This is a cross between a high-yield AK-47 and Orange Bud. As soon as it germinates you’ll start to realise how sturdy this ultrafast, extra-high-yield sativa hybrid really is.
The Orange Bud indica male used for this cross gives it a shorter height and rock-hard buds.
The balance achieved with this cross makes it an excellent option for indoor growing, because with a growing cycle of 10-12 days (from clones; if you grow from seed it will take a little over two weeks) will be enough to achieve spectacular results.
As it grows it tends to “open out” and change from the pine-tree type (a central branch surrounded by other branches) into a bush-type plant. Fairly good resistance to mould and pest attack, Smile is a tough, practical plant.
During flowering the internodes become filled with flowers, as it doubles in size. Firm guides will be necessary to support its weight during the final weeks of flowering. Although flowering is not particularly quick to start, ripening is.
Flowering may start after 56 days, with more sativa-rich phenotypes taking up to 65 days. Flowering outdoors can be expected for the last week in September and first week in October.
A tip - as this is quite a strong-smelling plant, with a smell of freshly cut grass and tangy fruit, you’ll need a good anti-odour system to avoid problems outdoors.
The buds start to close after four or five weeks, resulting in large, fat, compact buds.
The trichomes that build up on the flowers give the plant a perceptible sheen.
Owing to the concentration of trichomes, you will obtain a plant with high THC and CBD levels, making it suitable for medicinal use.
The effect is relaxing, spurring a ferocious appetite. With such a lot of buds to harvest (400 g/m2), your smile will be fixed on your face from the first toke.
It pays to be particularly attentive during the final weeks of flowering to ensure that the buds ripen and harden properly.

Rodzaj - Indoor, Outdoor
Miesiąc zbioru - Koniec Września/Początek Października
Genotyp - Głównie Sativa
Geny - AK-47 x Orange Bud
THC - 15 - 18 %
Wysokość - Niskie (do 80cm)
Plon - Duży (do 500g/m2 Indoor)

1szt - 29zł
3szt - 59zł
5szt - 113zł

Dane techniczne - Smile - KANNABIA SEED

GENOTYPGłównie Sativa
PLONDuży XL (450g-550g/m2 Indoor)
WYSOKOŚĆNiskie (do 80cm)
MIESIĄC ZBIORU OUTKoniec września / początek października

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